PARASOY!!!!!!!!!! Tin ONLY!!! Virtual Candle Making Recording

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Tins From Amazon Needed 8oz Black Tins 


What You Will Learn:

The Proper Wicks To Use

Wick Placement

Pouring Temperatures

Fragrance Load Help

How To Avoid Sink Holes

Labeling Information

Sales Advice For our Launch Day!!!


  • Enjoy a virtual, hands-on DIY candle making workshop where you’ll get to create 1 unique candle following along with an expert
  • Get Wick Sizes that WILL WORK!!!
  • Discover the processes of creating candles, including melting, blending and pouring
  • You’ll learn all about the benefits of creating your own candles as well as the ingredients you’ll be using
  • Following step-by-step instructions
  • This is a fun and creative workshop which will get everyone engaged as you create something to be proud of!
  • Taking steps as well as share tips, tricks and troubleshooting. You’ll master the art of candle making in no time, learning how timing and temperature are key to creating the perfect candle.

Throughout the process, I will share details about candle-making, the components, details about the materials chosen for our candles, and general candle care.

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